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Stover Digital specializes in creative event production solutions.  Everything from lighting, sound, to live video broadcasting we are here to serve YOU our client.

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10 of SOUL

BRAND NEW "EPK" (electronic press kit) production for 10 of Soul.  We provided audio recording and production along with the video editing.  Stover Films provided cinematography and color grading.

From Kevin Bohach of 10 of Soul

Proud to say that Verlon Stover is my friend....and one HECKUVA producer !  Thanks for the energy and effort from your team on our new press kit Verlon.....10 of Soul has your back

WEB 3.0

The Web is now entering version 3.0 and with that comes full video integration.  The driving force behind every successful site/company is video.  Video is how they communicate within and how they deliver their client message.  The impact of WEB 3.0 video is extremely powerful to say the least!


1. Video image magnification  2. Video broadcasting